Franchise Development

Franchise Development

  • Getting franchise enquiries, but not sure what to do?
  • Are you experiencing rapid growth and market attention?
  • Is managing staff becoming a constant headache and time consuming?

Through our efficient franchise development methodology, we place emphasis on developing the most sound franchise model for you and your business.

Once you have decided to expand your business concept through franchising, there are a number of short and long term goals and objectives that need to be developed in order for the implementation of your franchise structure to grow successfully. We work on developing clear objectives and ensuring that your business is supported by the right structure for the business type and industry.

These practices are tailored to suit you and your businesses needs for it’s long-term prosperity from the initial stages. Throughout the development phase, we will work closely with you, build or recommend an economic model, operations manual, commercial policy and legal documentation required for your franchise.

Having worked with many brands and networks we are able to benchmark your business against the market and offer guidance on the attractiveness of the business to prospective franchisees. We do not just want to develop a franchise business for you but aim to develop an opportunity that the market will demand.

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To guarantee the success and longevity of your franchise business, Baybridge Advisory will develop a franchise economic model that will assess the feasibility and viability of an adequate return on investment for you, the franchisor as well as your potential franchisees. It is imperative that the costs involved with establishing the franchise single unit relate favourably and realistically to a plausible payback period, return on investment and likely enterprise value expected from the franchisor and franchisee relationship are delineated within the economic model.

By developing a clear and simple-to-follow operations manual, we will work with you to enable you to streamline the operational standards of your franchise network. Your franchise operations manual will be used as a daily guide for franchisees as well as their employees and will ensure consistency in each of your franchise locations. The Operations Manual will be one of your most important training tools and when planned, documented and executed it will support the long-term running of your franchise network and business.

A lucrative Franchise Commercial Policy will determine all of the elements of a sound business model. It expresses business decisions vital to the proper operation of the franchise relationship’s roles, responsibilities and obligations for both parties. Baybridge Advisory will develop your specifically tailored franchise commercial policy to anticipate any issues and prospective problems that may occur between you the franchisor and your franchisee. Pre-empting any issues that may arise is a proactive way to manage risk and ensure a successful franchise operation.

Following the development of your franchise; economic model, operations manual and commercial policy, two key pieces of legal documentation essential to the franchise will be composed by Baybridge Lawyers; Franchise Agreement and Franchise Disclosure Document. Other areas of due diligence covered include corporate structure, trademark and ownership of intellectual property will be addressed in detail, with advice given on how to best position your business as a whole.

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  • Getting franchise enquiries, but not sure what to do?
  • Are you experiencing rapid growth and market attention?
  • Is managing staff becoming a constant headache and time consuming?
  • Is your cash flow limited for funding future growth?
  • Have you proven your business concept?

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