Is your business ready to be franchised?

Have you ever received franchise enquiries for your successful business? Is HR starting to take over your life? Finding it hard to access more
capital? If any of these questions apply to you then it may be time to consider franchising for your business.

Baybridge can help take your business to the next level. We have transformed businesses into some of the fastest growing franchise
networks in the country. We have developed a sound and sustainable franchise framework that will help your business achieve faster
expansion and brand growth. With our guidance, knowledge and expertise, we will implement a well-structured plan to setup your business
and franchise journey for success.

Is your business franchisable?

Baybridge will work with you to ensure your business has everything it needs to be a successful franchise. We can help you
assess whether your business is franchisable, from its concept to operational systems. Below are the points you need
to consider when deciding to franchise your business.

Is your business commercially profitable?

Does your business have a marketable return on investment for a potential franchisee even after all royalties are distributed? If a business can’t generate a healthy ROI after deducting royalty it’s going to have difficulty keeping franchisees happy, let alone attract them to invest.

Is there a clear and determined long term strategy in place?

Are you committed to investing, building, growing and expanding your business? Are you set up for what that commitment will require of your time and your desired lifestyle? Do you have an exit strategy?

Is your franchise model commercially viable to you?

Do you know what it will cost to create your franchise model? What are the costs of marketing your franchise offer? How much do you expect your franchise network to grow? Have you determined what it will cost you to support your franchise network, now and in the future?

Professional Characteristics

You need to be prepared to do whatever it takes to make your business successful. This includes a strong commitment from you to be thorough, compliant, realistic and patient. Ignoring any of these professional traits could prove costly and stressful.

Case Studies

Total Tools

Baybridge works closely with the CEO and franchise team at Total Tools on all business franchise related matters. Find out more about how we help Total Tools.
“We now utilise Baybridge for all of our legal requirements including franchising, litigation, legal documentation and brand management.”

Tim Cockayne /CEO, Total Tools

Case Studies

Top Juice

Baybridge have helped Top Juice establish operations across the Eastern seaboard and achieve international expansion.
“Baybridge have helped support and grow the Top Juice brand to where it is today. They have an excellent team of professionals and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for franchising experts.”

/Top Juice

Case Studies


Zeus is about enjoyment and fulfilment – nourishing our souls as well as our stomachs. It’s about the community we share our table with. Find out more about how we helped Zeus.
“Working with the Baybridge Legal and Advisory teams has been exceptional. Down to earth and personable professionals guiding us on all aspects of our business and growth of the ZSG brand.The entire group of stakeholders at ZSG have bought into the expertise and experience the Baybridge team provide allowing us to focus on the things we do best.”

Costa Anastasiadis /Director, Zeus Street Greek

Case Studies

Soul Origin

Soul Origins' Senior Management team first engaged with Baybridge for a full franchise development project in October 2013.
“As a company we were looking for a well respected firm with strong ties to franchising. Baybridge actively support our company’s growth through their proven franchise systems and legal advice.”

Chris Mavris /General Manager, Soul Origin

Case Studies

Platinum Electricians

Baybridge first engaged with Platinum Electricians in early 2009 and continue to represent the group both with respect to their legal and strategic growth requirements.
“Baybridge Lawyers have been a great asset to our business. They are great to work with, good communicators, reliable and attentive.”

Joshua Nicholls /Founder & CEO, Platinum Electricians

Why our clients choose us?

Down to earth, straight to the point advisors with nothing more than a desire to assist in building successful businesses. Our clients enjoy the benefit of working directly with the senior team, fixed fees and ability to recognise the priorities for success.

  • Getting franchise enquiries, but not sure what to do?
  • Are you experiencing rapid growth and market attention?
  • Is managing staff becoming a constant headache and time consuming?
  • Is your cash flow limited for funding future growth?
  • Have you proven your business concept?

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