Buying a Franchise Sydney

Buying a Franchise Sydney

  • Have you purchased a business but expected more?
  • Not sure when or how to prepare for a sale?
  • Sold your business but told you are restrained from conducting business?

As a business owner, investor and entrepreneur, your business agreements and the transactions by which you acquire, sell and protect your “business assets” are critical to the viability of your business and its success. Our lawyers understand the importance of representing a buyer or seller and working with the relevant stakeholders, representatives and financers to deliver outcomes in an efficient manner. We aim to ensure we facilitate and assist in the deal process rather than hinder and more importantly deliver on our clients’ expectations within costs agreed to upfront. Baybridge has been involved in many sales and purchases- whether structured as an asset purchase, stock purchase or a combined transaction involving asset transfers, trade mark and IP licence arrangements and integrated non-compete obligations- we have an established and resourceful process and team that you will benefit from. Buying and selling a business is something that you carefully need to do with the advise of experimented lawyers.

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“Bianca guided me through a demanding business sale negotiation that included a deed of variation of franchise agreement, the negotiation of a business sale agreement and an assignment of lease. This process was complex as it included a number of parties and it would not have been a success for me without Bianca’s professionalism and grace. Bianca fully protected my interests, through the countless variations of terms and conditions, as well as keeping my tensions at bay. From this experience I have the absolute confidence to work alongside Bianca, and the Baybridge team, in all my future endeavours.”

Thushaan Sivabalan

Creo Coterie

Why our clients choose us?

At its core Baybridge Lawyers is a commercial and corporate law practice with expertise in franchising, licensing, trade marks and dispute resolution and litigation.
  • Unsure of the difference between a licence and franchise agreement?
  • Are you aware of your full options in respect to franchising your business?
  • Have you been told your business is a franchise but don’t know where to start?
  • Are all your assets and liabilities held under the one company?
  • Is another business using your brand?
  • Do you own a registered Trade Mark Certificate?
  • Have you be given an opportunity to buy a business but don’t know what to do?

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