Licensing and Distribution

Licensing and Distribution

  • Concerned the same product has been offered to another distributor
  • Looking for the best way to export your product internationally?
  • You’ve been told your license agreement doesn’t offer you any protection?

If you are selling goods, products, services or licensing intellectual property in Australia or abroad, you may decide to sell and supply these direct to your customers or choose a distributor to do the selling for you or licensing the intellectual property rights allowing you to concentrate on building your products or developing new intellectual property. To do this you will need a Distribution Agreement or Licence Agreement to regulate exactly how the relationship between you, your distributors and/or licensees will develop.

At Baybridge Lawyers we have assisted many organisations with structuring licensing and distribution supply agreements, issues associated with third line forcing, supply and regulatory issues associated with pricing, identifying territorial rights with clearly defined restraints for competitors, the investigation of Intellectual Property rights and restrictions relating to importation or certification of different products and services.

Why our clients choose us?

At its core Baybridge Lawyers is a commercial and corporate law practice with expertise in franchising, licensing, trade marks and dispute resolution and litigation.
  • Unsure of the difference between a licence and franchise agreement?
  • Are you aware of your full options in respect to franchising your business?
  • Have you been told your business is a franchise but don’t know where to start?
  • Are all your assets and liabilities held under the one company?
  • Is another business using your brand?
  • Do you own a registered Trade Mark Certificate?
  • Have you be given an opportunity to buy a business but don’t know what to do?

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