Litigation Lawyers Sydney

Litigation Lawyers Sydney

Looking for a litigation lawyer in Sydney? Baybridge has you covered

What Is A Litigation Lawyer and What Cases Do They Work On?

A litigator’s role in the legal system is to help you resolve disputes. That may involve negotiating and arranging settlements prior to a trial or help you take your case through the courts. Litigators focus on civil or commercial disputes, rather than criminal cases. If you are involved in a lawsuit, trying to enforce a contract, or dealing with franchise disputes, a litigator is the legal representative who will help you navigate the process and defend your rights in court.

The Duties Of A Litigator

All Baybridge litigation lawyers share similar skills in order to provide you with the best representation both inside and outside the court-room. They are experienced legal experts with detailed knowledge of both the law and legal procedure; master orators and skilled writers; highly detail focused, able to navigate the complexities of large and intricate cases; expert negotiators, and they have the utmost respect for client privacy and confidentiality.

Most importantly though, our litigators are devoted to working as hard as possible to protect our clients’ rights and negotiate the best possible case outcomes.

Do You Need a Litigation Lawyer?

If you are either the subject of a legal action, think you soon may be or are looking to bring your own action then you need a litigation lawyer. The sooner you bring in one of our experienced experts the better chance of a favourable outcome.

Why Work With Baybridge?

The Baybridge Litigation team works closely with clients to provide them with clear, reliable, and timely advice when commercial disputes are forming. When litigation is required, we expertly guide and protect you through the court process.

We are equally adept in handling complex, multi-million-dollar Supreme Court proceedings as we are in pursuing your interests in lower courts, tribunals, or through alternative dispute resolution. With the Baybridge Litigation team, you get the best of both legal worlds — big firm expertise and boutique firm client service.

In addition to our wealth of experience in common law and commercial law litigation, we are industry leaders in franchise-related disputes. Franchise law is a highly specialised area that requires expert legal representation to yield the best results for franchisor or franchisee clients. Our litigation team has an impressive track record of producing excellent outcomes for its clients, whether via negotiated settlements, alternative dispute resolution in conjunction with the Office of Franchise Mediation Advisor, or in Court. With Baybridge Litigation on your side, you could not be in better hands if you are involved in a franchise related dispute.

Whether you are already involved in or anticipating a civil or commercial dispute or simply want somebody watching your back if the need arises, our expert Sydney based civil and commercial litigation team is here to help. Get in touch to find out how we can tailor our services to your needs.

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“For many years, I was the owner and director of a large real estate franchise in Sydney. I decided to go my own way and wished to exit my franchise agreements with the franchisor. I turned to Baybridge Lawyers as I knew they had the right knowledge of the franchise industry and the ability to provide me with expert advice about my legal position.

Baybridge’s Litigation Partner, Blake Palmer, was able to successfully negotiate the end of my franchise agreements which enabled me to proceed with my business. I found the Baybridge litigation team to be clear communicators who were able to quickly understand the relevant issues and provide prompt and effective legal advice. I would recommend them to any other franchisor or franchisee who finds themselves in a dispute.”

Peter Mumford

“I was the director of a company that carried on a national home grocery delivery service. My company was not trading as forecasted by my franchisor and it was only a matter of time before I would have to liquidate the company. The franchisor was not prepared to buy my company back and I found myself in a very difficult situation.

I turned to Blake Palmer of Baybridge Lawyers and his litigation team to assist me with my situation. They were able to successfully negotiate with the franchisor that my franchise agreement was to end without penalty and I recovered the market value of my territory. As a result, I could continue with my life without the ongoing stress of a failing business. In fact, I am now happily retired !

I found Blake and his team to be excellent litigators, very proactive and able to explain the process in a way that was easy to understand. I would recommend them to every business owner who finds themselves in trouble.”

Director - Tres Generations Pty LTd

I am the Chief Financial Officer of Rohlig Logistics. Our company specialises in global freight handling and we are active in over thirty countries around the globe. We have been using Baybridge Lawyers as our trusted legal advisers for many years. They assist us with various corporate commercial matters such as commercial and warehouse leases, preparation of complex service agreements and drafting of transport terms and conditions. We also used Baybridge’s expertise with dispute matters relating to outstanding invoices, security of cargo and insolvency of our customers.

Baybridge Lawyers get results. They are well informed, provide quick and sound legal advice and are able to think outside the box when it comes to commercially minded solutions.

Craig Eastick

We are the owners and operators of a pizza franchise business which operates nationally. We found our business in some trouble when we received a formal notice of breach from our franchisor alleging that we had breached various terms of our franchise agreement. Our franchisor was applying immense pressure on us to fix the alleged breaches and we were struggling to meet the imposed deadlines. We needed to save our business and protect our franchise agreement from termination.

We had previously dealt with Baybridge Lawyers in relation to the purchase of our franchise business. As they provided us with excellent service and assistance then, we contacted them again and only a few days after our initial contact we met Baybridge’s Litigation Partner, Blake Palmer, and his litigation team to discuss our matter. Blake and his team took the time to understand our issues and the difficulty we were faced with. The clear line of communication and strategy really was the key to a successful outcome of the dispute with the franchisor. Within a couple of weeks, all issues with the franchisor were resolved and we were able to operate our business as normal. That was a great relief to us and we would recommend Baybridge to anyone requiring fast and effective legal advice in relation to a commercial dispute.

Names withheld for reasons of confidentiality

Why our clients choose us?

At its core Baybridge Lawyers is a commercial and corporate law practice with expertise in franchising, licensing, trade marks and dispute resolution and litigation.
  • Unsure of the difference between a licence and franchise agreement?
  • Are you aware of your full options in respect to franchising your business?
  • Have you been told your business is a franchise but don’t know where to start?
  • Are all your assets and liabilities held under the one company?
  • Is another business using your brand?
  • Do you own a registered Trade Mark Certificate?
  • Have you be given an opportunity to buy a business but don’t know what to do?

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