Nasser Abdu

Nasser’s Profile

Nasser Abdu

Nasser Abdu

Executive Director

Some of my highlights

  • Business Growth
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Implementation Support
  • Management Support
  • Assisted and supported Top Juice sign four franchisees in first year of franchise growth
  • Durablend increases its revenue by over 75% in less than 12 months
  • Managed and supported Soul Origin to sign 15 franchisees in first 6 months of franchise operation
Interesting facts about Nasser
  • Lived and worked in Asia and the Middle-East
  • Love for travel
  • Passion for Football

Nasser Abdu is the Executive Director of Baybridge Advisory. Nasser has 18 years of national and international corporate and SME experience. He is highly regarded for advising emerging and mature market businesses in the areas of strategic growth. Focused on the SME sector, he has hands on experience with business growth strategies, initiatives and diverse projects from the ground up with a multitude of companies. Nasser offers skilled services in every aspect of the strategic success and growth of your business. Having worked in Asia and the Middle-East, Nasser brings a diverse range of knowledge and insight to Baybridge. Nasser has a reputation for being extremely loyal and devoted to his business.

Why our clients choose us?

Down to earth, straight to the point advisors with nothing more than a desire to assist in building successful businesses. Our clients enjoy the benefit of working directly with the senior team, fixed fees and ability to recognise the priorities for success.
  • Getting franchise enquiries, but not sure what to do?
  • Are you experiencing rapid growth and market attention?
  • Is managing staff becoming a constant headache and time consuming?
  • Is your cash flow limited for funding future growth?
  • Have you proven your business concept?

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