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  • Have you found yourself in a dispute with your landlord?
  • Did the franchisor misrepresent the profitability of the franchise to you?
  • Is another business infringing on your intellectual property?
  • Are you in a dispute with your shareholders?
  • Enforceability of a restraint clause?

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The Baybridge Litigation team works closely with clients to provide them with clear, reliable, and timely advice when commercial disputes are forming. If litigation is required, we expertly guide and protect you through the court process.

We are equally adept in handling complex, multi-million-dollar Supreme Court proceedings as we are in pursuing your interests in lower courts, tribunals, or through alternative dispute resolution. With the Baybridge Litigation team, you get the best of both legal worlds — big firm expertise and boutique firm client service.

In addition to our wealth of experience in common law and commercial law litigation, we are industry leaders in franchise-related disputes. Franchise law is a highly specialised area that requires expert legal representation to yield the best results for franchisor or franchisee clients. Our litigation team has an impressive track record of producing excellent outcomes for its clients, whether via negotiated settlements, alternative dispute resolution in conjunction with the Office of the Franchising Mediation Advisor, or in Court. With Baybridge Litigation on your side, you could not be in better hands if you are involved in a franchise related dispute.

Whether you are already involved in or anticipating a civil or commercial dispute or simply want somebody watching your back if the need arises, our expert Sydney based civil and commercial litigation team is here to help. Get in touch to find out how we can tailor our services to your needs.

The Duties of a Litigator

Our litigation lawyers have the desired skills to provide you with the best representation both inside and outside the court-room. They are experienced legal experts with detailed knowledge of both the law and legal procedure; master orators and skilled writers; highly detail focused, able to navigate the complexities of large and intricate cases; expert negotiators, and they have the utmost respect for client privacy and confidentiality.

Most importantly though, our litigators are devoted to working as hard as possible to protect our clients’ rights and negotiate the best possible case outcomes.

Do You Need a Litigation Lawyer?

If you are either the subject of a legal action, think you soon may be or are looking to bring your own action then you should contact Baybridge Lawyers. Bringing in one of our experienced experts will better your chance of a favourable outcome.

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“Audi Australia were looking for experts who could advise us and work with our legal department in connection with franchising. Baybridge have made us feel confident with their precise and prompt attention and high level of professionalism. We would highly recommend them to any corporate or in-house lawyers looking for a strong and experienced team.”

Eric Louca

General Counsel, Audi Australia

Our franchising lawyers have assisted many franchisees across the country negotiate the best deal possible and advise them of their obligations under the applicable documents. In fact some of our franchisee clients have built considerable wealth and businesses over the years and in some cases transitioned to being a franchisor.
In addition to the front end representation we have also been successful in assisting franchisees resolve dispute either via mediation or in the Courts.
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Level 1, 109 Pitt Street NSW 2000 Australia

Level 1, 109 Pitt Street NSW 2000 Australia

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